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Piping Design Engineering Course in Delhi NCR/Ghaziabad

Best Institute of Piping Design Course in Delhi NCR

EMCI is one of the most renowned and leading professional training provider for piping design course in Delhi/NCR. This training course is targeted to create bright future for engineering grads, especially for freshers but do valuable for experienced people who want to enhance their skills and turn their career into new heights.

Our piping design course covers all major topics related to layout engineering of piping systems, mechanical design, hydraulic design, stress analysis of process piping systems and construction of piping systems. We are recognized as the top most professional of piping design engineering. In varied engineering sectors including chemical, pharmaceuticals, power plants, LPG/CNG plants, distribution systems, oil and petrochemical plants, pipes and its related equipment are responsible. That’s why Piping Design Engineering plays a major role in plant design and its construction. A huge number of global challenges which include protection against safeguarding pipelines, corrosion, pipe coating, pipe welding, pipe bending, leakage detection in long-Online pipelines and offshore services, washing of pipelines, effective use of pipe etc., make the requirement of specialized piping design engineers.

Who are most welcome at EMCI, in Delhi NCR?
Fresh Mechanical / Chemical Engineering Graduates, Diploma holders & ITI qualified students.

Working Piping 3D Cad Engineers Piping Design/layout Engineers, Piping Draftsmen, Piping Construction Engineers, Piping Fabrication Engineers, Piping Supervisors, Piping Stress Engineers, Piping QA/QC engineers are eligible for this course.

What you will learn in piping design course @ EMCI

The participant will be able to learn upon completion of this course:

Course Contents:

First Pattern Second Pattern
- Fluid handling - Codes & Standards
- Pipe stress analysis - Pipe Wall Thickness Calculation
- Layout engineering - Branch reinforcement calculation
- System engineering - Pipe Hydraulics & Line Sizing
- Thermal Insulation - Introduction to of Equipment Used in Process/ Power Plants & study of Equipment datasheet/ GADs
- Costing - PMS & VMS
- Field instrumentation - Introduction to P&ID symbols
- Fabrication and installation - PFD, P&ID
- Hygienic Piping - Study of GAD isometric drawing
- Statutory regulation & safety - Guidelines to preparation of as built drawings
- Soft skills - Steam Tracing & insulation
- Piping Supports

Piping Design Course Features

Piping design Course deals with Design, Analysis, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Piping System which is usually designed and implemented by Piping Engineers. All piping activities are managed with compliance and guidelines of international and industrial standards as well as the laws and regulations of respective local authorities.

Duration:  Months (Full Time)
Course Commencement: Every month in a year
Eligibility: B.E. from Mechanical/Chemical/ Production/ Petro-Chemical/Marine/Sugar Engineering and we welcome fresher candidate also for piping courses

Career Opportunities for Piping Engineers

Piping Design Engineering Training Institute in Delhi NCR
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